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Our unique method & online campus

Watch videos and listen to audio recordings that we have created for you in our appbooks. Our original multimedia content features native Spanish speaking actors from different countries from around the Spanish speaking world so you can familiarize yourself right from the start with the subtle differences in pronunciation that characterize the different varieties of Spanish.
Practice with the appbook activities and write the texts that your teachers assign in your individual classes to ensure that you’re making equal progress in your speaking and writing skills. You can also practice your writing in our Google+ Alumni Community.
Read the texts and the grammar summaries in the appbooks to learn the vocabulary and grammatical structures you need to know for each level. You can also enjoy reading teachers’ blog posts in our Google+ Alumni Community.
Speak with our teachers; they’re all native speaking professionals with university degrees. All of our classes are prepare in advance according to our courses program so that the student can develop their speaking skills in a fun and natural way. You’ll have a great time learning in an easy-going and professional environment.
  • Native Spanish speaking professionals from different countries from around the Spanish speaking world.
  • Teachers with extensive experience and accreditation for teaching Spanish as a foreign or as a second language.
  • The most qualified professionals for demanding students.
  • Fun and professional courses using a method developed by

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For students

Finally, there is a language course that you won’t give up on halfway through. Our course lets you choose the time and the place for your studies. Starting with your first class, you’ll have a at time while learning quickly.

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For teachers

Enjoy the experience of teaching students from around the world while you choose your own time commitments. You’ll share your experience with other professionals from around the world who work with the method.

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