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How it works

How the method works’s method of teaching Spanish as a foreign or as a second language combines e-learning through appbooks with 25 minute individual or group classes. Each students progress will be evaluated by a tutor who will also guide them on their learning journey to help them get the most out of the experience.

Our classes are structured around clear goals; nothing is left to chance or improvisation on the part of the teacher, which makes us different than most online learning courses. Our teachers are professionals with university degrees, extensive experience and specialized training in teaching Spanish as a foreign or as a second language. And, of course, our Spanish teachers are native speakers who represent all of the different varieties of Spanish from around the world.

In our appbooks you can watch videos, listen to audio recordings, read texts and grammatical summaries. Our appbooks also contain a number of different activities aimed at helping you learn or review content as needed. Afterwards, you will put your newly acquired language skills to work in your classes with your teachers.

What steps to follow

The steps to follow to get started learning with are simple. Once you’ve purchased your course, your user name and your password for accessing the Campus will be automatically sent to the email address you’ve provided us with. All you have to do to get started is log in.

When you enter for the first time, you’ll take a placement test which will be followed by an interview with a tutor who will give you a short oral exam in order to be able to assign you an appbook conforming to your level of Spanish based on the CEFR. Remember that you won’t be able to access your appbook or reserve classes until you’ve completed this first tutorial session.

The rest is very easy. You can choose your teacher and when you want to take your classes. Be sure to take a look at the teachers’ information files or read what they’ve written on their blogs in the Google + Student Community to help you make your decision. Each class will be evaluated by the teacher to ensure that you’re progressing correctly.

The final evaluation

When you have completed your appbook and classes, you must notify your tutor so they can activate a final test. With the results of this test and the evaluation of your classes, your teacher will explain to you in the final tutoring session if you have achieved the course goals.

Our students can choose to receive an official certificate with ECTS credits from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid) or a course completion certificate depending on the course taken and the grade received.